Who was Indian Red Boy? California Rapper Indian Red Boy Shot and Killed Dead On Instagram Live!

The Indian Red Boy has been passed away and his fans are tributing him Tribute the tweeter. He had a huge fan following. His real name is Zerail Dijon Rivera who was a rapper and gained a huge amount of fan base. Eben his friends also sent him the messages. Whereas the incident has been on the instream live and his death reports are still going on. After the incident people are searching for him. So we are here with the bio of Red Boy.

Indian Red Boy

Who was Indian Red Boy?

He was known for the profession of rapping. His talent was highly appreciated by his fans. He even has a huge fan following. HIS real name is Zerail Dijon Rivera and from California. He has around 16.7k Instagram followers and only has two pictures of him on his Instagram account. He ‘posted his stories on Instagram along with his friends and family which means he was so close to them.

The incident has been taken place at 4 pm, on Chadron Avenue. And the shooting was going on in the Hawthorne. The police are still investing getting more related to the incident. And they claimed that the boy was 20 teas old mad his story is still n the roll.

Indian Red Boy Instagram Live Video

The shooting of Indian Red Boy has been captured where ‘he was along with his one of the friends named Kapone. Whi will be heard talking to him when the voice of gunshots is heard. We can hear that Kapone asks Red Boy about his location “Where He Was?”

Fans flooded social media to tribute Indian Red Boy:-

Numerous fams are giving tribute to him thrush posting several messages on the social media platforms. Whereas one of the users wrote, “I still remember the day when we used to go to school target and you have bought me the bag of Cheetos. I will be going to miss you a lot, my brother. it is hard to believe that I have lost you, Rest In Peace.”

Another tweet reads, “I love you a lot and just saw that video of yours this is disheartening. RIP”.

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