Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today Episode 12th July 2021 Written Update: Reema In Her Bride Look!

Good afternoon readers, as we promised we are back with another written update of the serial “Sasural Simar Ka 2” of 12th July 2021. The storyline of the serial is quite fascinating to watch and constantly portraying many uplifts in this. Many twists are coming in the life of Simar, and audiences love to watch this drama. In the upcoming episode, the viewers will watch that Badi Maa says, after all, you also follow the path of your brother. We have not expected this thing from you. Badi Maa’s pride breaks down in front of the girl’s father and for the second time, you break my daughter’s heart. 

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Your family cheated on my daughter for the second time and on the other side, Reema is getting happy and thinks finally I married Vivan and entered this house and nobody can stop me now and now my only motive is to throw Simar from this house. After the marriage of Reema and Vivan, her only motive is to take revenge on Simar. Simar will be very upset seeing all this. 

Badi Maa will say to Aarav that have you watched it see what happened now your brother did the same thing you did. After hearing this Aarav will get upset after all that I was afraid of happened has finally happened and again Badi Maa heart is broken. On the other side, Simar starts crying and thinks a lot of wrongs have happened with my family, and thinking about her Reema Di she is very much worried.

Vivan says whatever it is my wife is now Reema and I have married my heart with her brother and please try to understand my feelings. Aarav says you did it wrong and how many times I told you but you did not listen to me and finally, you broke Badi Maa heart. Aarav says I did not expect this thing from you but Vivan says no one can stand in front of love and you know very well that I love Reema so much and many times I told you about this. 

Aarav says I know everything but you really did wrong and now see how Badi Maa is feeling insulted and how it will be filled and now you are responsible for this. Aarav also gets angry with Reema and says everything is happened only because of her. Reema thinks the game you started I will finish now. Now Reema is also Choti Bahu of this house and Simar is now Badi Bahu. The episode ends here we will soon back with further updates till then watch this episode of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” on the colors channel at 6:30 PM and stay tuned with us for more such updates.

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