Molkki Today Episode 10th July 2021 Written Update: Purvi Shows A Ray Of Hope To Virendra!

The episode begins with Virender as he is throwing the luggage of Anjali and Prakashi and asks them to leave the mansion. He asks her not to play with her children’s future and tells her that he very well knows about her game. He says that she will not get success in her game as she can’t snatch the property from his children. He tells her that he won’t let her stay here till he is breathing. He asks Anjali and Prakashi to leave the house. They are about to step out but Nandini comes there and says to Virender that he can be Mukhiya of the village but don’t forget that this mansion belongs to her and Veer.

Molkki Written Update

Nandini says that as she is the owner of the house so she decided that Prakashi and Anjali will stay here only. Virender asks her not to believe in their words as they don’t know about their true faces. She says to him that they are not kids anymore so don’t try to teach them who is wrong or right. Veer comes there and asks about Sakshi. Virender tells them he left the country. Veer asks if he never feels guilty about his doings. He adds that they lost their mother a second time just because of him.

Then Nanthini asks Purvi and Virender to get out of the mansion. They pack their luggage and about to go but Prakashi stops them. She says that she is Virender’s mother so can’t let him go like this only. She asks her to stay in servant quarters. Virender is about to say no but Purvi accepts to stay there. Purvi says to Virender that they should be there with the kids otherwise Prakashi will brainwash them. They go to servant quarter and Purvi decides to clean the room. Virender helps her with cleaning. Purvi hurts his leg while cleaning. Virender shares his pain with Purvi saying that his daughter hates him very much.

Purvi says to him that as he said that he is his daughter so she will come back to him. She says that she knows she is upset now but soon father and daughter will be together and she will do this soon. He tells her that it will not be easy. Purvi says to him that if he is with her then she can do anything. After some time, Nandini takes out some clothes and Prakashi asks Purvi to iron them. She agrees and irons the clothes. Purvi handovers a red dress to Anjali and asks her to give it to Nandini. Later, Nandini comes out shouting and says that Purvi destroyed her dress, she raise her hand on Purvi but Virender stops her. Watch this upcoming episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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