Molkki, 9th July 2021, Written Update, Nandini-Veer Are Back In The Mansion!

Today’s episode starts with Anjali as she tells Prakashi that they have nothing in their hands now. She asks her what they will do now. Prakashi makes a call to someone and tells them it’s time to come back Revaadi. Prakashi says to Anjali that now she will do the same with Virender just like he did with her. Here, Priyashi is preparing for Puja. Then the Priest asks her to bring Virender and Purvi so that they can start the Puja. She goes to them and tells them that the priest is calling them for Puja. The guests also start coming.


Two people arrive at the mansion. Here, Manas tells Juhi that he is feeling bore so going to play. The puja ends and Virender and Purvi take blessings from the elders. Those two people enter the mansion, Virender notices them and gets stunned to see them. One of those people asks the pries to stop all this. The girl says that this Puja can’t do anything as Virender’s bad Karma will not let him live. Virender calls them Nanthini and Veer. He questions them what they came here. Purvi thinks who are these two. Nanthini comes in front of Virender, he feels happy seeing her.

Nanthini says to her that he hasn’t invited them so they came here themselves without his knowledge. Veer says to Virender that if he is not feeling good seeing them here. Purvi questions Virender about them. Juhi and Manas meet them happy and hugs them as well. Manav informs Purvi that these two are their siblings. Juli says to Purvi that they were in London. Purvi gets to know that Virender has two more children. She wonders that why he didn’t tell her about them. Nanthini tells the guests that they can leave now as Puja is finished now.

Later on, Purvi questions Virender he didn’t inform her about them. Virender says to her that they have broken their relationship with him and he is not more for them. Purvi gets shocked hearing him and asks the whole story. They don’t even use his surname that much they hate him. Purvi feels hurt as Virender didn’t inform her about them. He says that they thought that he is responsible for Sakshi’s death. She says to him that they will try again to clear the things to them. Nanthini behaves rudely with the servant to which Virender scolds her. Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 PM.

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