Jovenel Moïse Assassination Video: Haiti President Jovenel Moïse Assassinated Killed By 4 People’s At Home, Wife, Age, Net Worth!

There is a bizarre case going on in Haiti, the president of the nation has been shot by an unidentified person. Even his wife is also injured due to the incident. Jovenel Moise has been passed away and he is no more. As per the source, the incident took place at 1:00, on their property. The news has been confirmed by the Prime Minister of Haiti, Mr. Claude Joseph. Haiti s one of the poorest nations in the world.

Jovenel Moïse

Jovenel Moïse Assassination Video

Many was protesting in which demanding his resignation. As the economy and politics widespread in the nation were worst.

Boris Jhonson, the prime minister of the UK, had been claimed in one of his statements that “the death of the GHHaiti’s prime minister is devastating and this one is the most loathed case. “.

The president of the US, Mr, Joe Biden, took to Twitter and show his deep condolence to the people of the nation (Haiti), he even said that this is a horrific assassination.

Jovenel Moïse Net Worth 2021

The late president of Haiti Mr, Jovenel Moise has an estimated net worth between $4 to $7  million, by the time of his death. Other than the president of the nation he was also known as the entrepreneur. He had much business other than his political career. Even his wife was indulged with him and they both launched a JOMAR Auto Parks in the 90s. During this, he even builds agricultural projects on 25 acres of land.

Who will go take control?

The former language of the nation Haiti is Creole and French.

The prime minister of Haiti said in a statement that, “The attackers were speaking in English and Spanish.” He further added that this is the ]most inhuman and heinous act.”

The accused were found in black dress along ‘-with the heavy weapons and they might even have drugs.

A statement also passed by the ambassador of Haiti to the US, Mr. Bocchit Edmond, “there isn’t any way that attackers can do this and carried drugs this easily. I think this must have involvement of professional mercenaries.”

The control has been taken by the prime monist of the nation Mr. Claude Joseph. He said that ” the continuity of the nation has been under control and everything will be sorted soon.”

As per the constitution of Haiti, it is said that the president’s seat is vacant then the minister of the prime minister can take control over this position. Whereas there is stress in the nation after the heinous incident.  Everyone in the nation is scared about their safety. The media is busy telling the truth about their nation in their best way.

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