Islamabad Usman Mirza Video: Man Arrested In Islamabad For Assaulting A Young Couple!

There has been a bizarre case in Islamabad as a man has been arrested naming Usman Mirza as there has been a video of the guy assaulting a young couple as the video started circulating on the internet and it seems like that the man was receiving backlash for what is seen in the video and he has finally been arrested by the Police.

Islamabad Usman Mirza Viral Video

Islamabad Usman Mirza Video

There was another guy was accompanying him naming Farhan and he has also been arrested by the Police, there was also a third person who was seen in the video and it seems like that the search is on to find that the third person who has been determined as accused and it has been stated by the authorities that the accused is going to be facing the court today.

The video has gone viral on social media platforms and hashtags are flowing all across the internet to arrest the man when you talk about Pakistani Twitter the backlash that he is facing is immense and people are vouching for him to get punished for what he has done.

After a few hours, as the video went viral, Mirza was taken into custody by the Police Department and the Police has registered the FIR against the man. If you talk about the disgusting video then it was seen that he was thrashing them violently and was harassing to another level and he was doing it in a room full of people and there has been some old video of the accused that has also come into notice in which his weapons have also been exposed.

Some people were trying to stop but he kept threatening the young couple and it has been reported that Mirza is a property dealer by profession and an update has been given about the case by the PTI MNA naming Maleeka Bokhari that IG of Islamabad is going to be leading the investigation for the case.

It seems like Karma comes for everyone and the couple is going to get justice for what they have gone through as the three accused are not going to get out of it as the situation is against them in every single way and they are going to receive justice for sure.

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