Iceland 4 Day Workweek: Deemed An Overwhelming Success After The Trial

In Iceland, as they tried to shorten the workweek and it has provided them with better outcomes for the workers and the employees which have been stated by the new results of the study which is being carried on in Iceland, It involved the trimming of the work hour of the people without trimming of their pay as they wanted to see the health effect that it is going to have on the employees and the workers as they wanted to see to if they will be more productive and happy.

Iceland 4 Day Workweek

Iceland 4 Day Workweek

The country did this trial for about 2500 workers which happened in a variety of industries which they did from 2015 to 2019 and the experiment has been run by Iceland’s Association of Sustainable Democracy and the UK based company think tank Autonomy, the test group is amounting to one percent which is of the Island’s population.

It is being stated that many of the employees have cut down their workweek from 40 hours to 35 and 36 hours which has been stated by ALDA and it has been seen that the workplaces have seen to be more efficient because of the limited hours that they have as the employees are keeping that in mind and are being more efficient towards the work and are also getting free on time as meetings have been cut off, there have been many methods for altering out the work patterns and the companies have also been organizing the shift work.

It has been stated that there has been a rapid improvement in the lives of the workers and the employees because of the experiment as it has led to better work and life balance, has led to lower stress which has been stated by the researchers, it has been stated by the employers that the productivity was improved as the people have been motivated for leaving early and by being more efficient to finish off the work early.

This case is being looked upon by many of the countries as this can lead to better productivity for the companies and is also going to help the employees to stay healthier and have lower stress which in itself is going to increase their productivity.

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