DMX Official Autopsy Photos Revealed DMX’s Official Cause of Death!

The artist died because of cocaine as the heart attack was induced by the cocaine intake as it caused his body to not to circulate blood to the brain and this has been stated by the medical examiner’s office in the Westchester County has told us, as they stated that it was discovered to be a cardiac arrest as there was no circulation of blood to the brain and was further stated by the source that the intoxication of cocaine is the reason that has caused these chain of events.

DMX Official Autopsy Photos

DMX’s Cause of Death

the legal name of the rapper is Earl Simmons and he has died on 9th April and he died at the age of 50 years New York, he was hospitalized on 2nd April, it has been reported previously that he has suffered a drug overdose and that has caused the heart attack and it has bee stated that there was an inconsistency that has been seen when it comes to the specifics.

DMX Official Autopsy Photos: What Happened with DMX

It has been stated by the sources that there was an emergency call which came around 10:03 pm on 2nd April and then after a minute the paramedics were dispatched, they came to the scene at 10:09 pm and they were trying to revive the artist at 10:10 am and there was about 30-40 minutes time gap as they were reaching the hospital, his heart revived at a point as there was pulse but his brain was already dead.

and it was further stated by the sources that he was on the ventilator for some days but he was later on diagnosed and was declared as brain dead as the artist went in a coma.

DMX Official Autopsy Clearing Speculations

there were rumors that were going on that the death of the artist has got something to do with the COVID-19 vaccine and his long time attorney Murray Richman has stated that this is a false statement and he has also confirmed that the artist has never had the coronavirus vaccine and has lashed out on the people who have been claiming such stupid things.

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