Choti Sardarni, 9th July 2021, Written Update, Meher Gets A Proof Against Geeta!

The episode begins with Kulawnt Kaur use to feel Prams ear against his brother Kraan, She tells him want to get the love of his mother then we ‘mist have to wish god. And there is only one way his wish will get come true. That is he has to visit at the highest mountain and from there he has to through a coming and then tell wish to the god.

Choti Sardarni

After this, we will see that Pram gets super excited to do this and he left the house without even letting one know about this. He reaches Mlang Hill. The hill has forests and wild animals. He is in the danger, anything wrong could happen to him. But he keeps on going and wishing that his mom will only be going to love him after this. On the other hand, we will see that Sarab is also out in search of Karan, And he gets the location of his son.

There is a tempo and Sarab use to stop that vehicle. He ‘gives inside and ‘searches the drugs inside but there isn’t Karan it’s his watch in that drum. Then we will send that Karan is in the same forest and he is wondering about what Kulwant told him to do. Whereas Sehr is also searching for a way to reach Malang Phadi. Hence three of the children are at the Malang Phadi. Karan sees Param at the hill and he uses to follow Praam. Then Sehr also notices Prama and Karan and she too follows her brothers.

Seher is calling their name and trying her best to stop them but they aren’t listening to her and keep on moving ahead. After this, we will see that Seher falls in a dig. Meanwhile calls Sarab and informs them that three of the children are at Malaga Pahadi. Then she notices Praam and Karan and wonders whereas is Seher. On the other hand, Daar Ji brings back Tai Ji at home. Later Pram falls down in the valley and Kran too. Then Meher uses t save her ‘children and the episode ends here.

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