Choti Sardarni, 12th July 2021, Written Episode Update, Sarabjeet Slaps Param!

Monday is back with the next written update of your favorite daily soap “Choti Sardarni” of 12th July 2021. The serial is quite interesting to watch after the entry of Kulwant Kaur as she nailed the character of villain with her acting. Instead of wasting time let’s directly check the update of today’s episode. The serial begins with Sarab thinking of Param words and whatever he said. On the other side, Seher asks why we are washing the utensils. He says your brother is now insecure and greedy and they should suppose to clean the dirt from their hearts. Sarab told that you trusted your grandmother and forgot whatever your mother taught.

Choti Sardarni

On the other side, Meher talks to Kulwant and says you should have some shame. How dare you do this with my children. Kulwant says how can you say such things to me and how can you forget that you send me to prison but you did not listen to me and sends your own mother to jail. I destroyed your motherhood. Later on, Seher sleeps with her father and says dad I really feel bad for Param. Sarab asks Seher that what did you look there.

Seher says she saw Mama did bring Karan up and Param was drooping there. After watching the whole scenario, I was so much afraid. Harleen overhears their conversation. On the other side, Kulwant says before being your mother I am a Lioness and now you just wait and watch how I am going to destroy your wedding. Meher replies that even God can not separate us.

Harleen enters the room and says to Sarab Meher loves makes you blind you could not able to see the pain of Param. You know very well our Param never says lies. Seher and Karan said the same thing. Sarab asks her not to say such things. Kulwant asks him to open his eyes and sees the truth. If you don’t want to trust me then trust the children. Can’t you see Meher saves the life of Karan instead of Param.

Sarab is confused with the words of Seher, Param and Harleen and he recall the time when he met first time within Meher in this temple and she saved his life. I know Meher very well and I can not believe that she can make any difference between Karan or Param. The episode ends here we will soon back till then watch this episode of “Choti Sardarni” on the colors channel at 7:30 PM and stay tuned with us.

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