Barrister Babu Today’s Episode 13th July 2021 Written Update: Anirudh shouts the name Vaijnati!

Good afternoon readers, the next written update of the serial “Barrister Babu” of 13th July 2021 is ready for the amusement of the viewers. The serial is becoming quite interesting since the entry of Badi Bondita. The viewers love to watch the serial due to its current storyline and it’s holding the interest of them. Instead of wasting time, let’s beings the update of the serial, the episode begins with Anirudh who looks at Bondita who is smiling and going away. Anirudh shouts the name Vaijnati and then she comes to senses. Anirudh says her to write it on her own. Bondita behaves like she doesn’t know how to write and then she remembers the moments of their childhood and then she gets Hiccups. Bondita says I think someone is remembering me and that’s why I am getting Hiccups.

Barrister Babu

Anirudh asks her to drink water and then he offers her the glass of water. Anirudh asks her did her hiccups stop and then she says my hiccups will go when takes the names of the person who is missing me. Then she takes the name of Anirudh in her heart and her hiccups get to stop. Bondita says see I told you when I think of my loved one it will stop and now it stops. Anirudh thinks about Bondita and now he gets hiccups.

Bondita says see now your loved one is thinking about you now it’s your turn to take the name of that person and your hiccups will also go. Anirudh says no my hiccups will go only by water and then he drinks the water. Bondita asks him to takes the name of the person. On the other side, Thakumaa told them to send the boxes of tiffin to Bondita, she might be hungry. Chandrachur enters there and says I will give this tiffin box to Bondita at the court. 

Tapur asks her to not go as you are busy so I will send it by some domestic helper. Chandrachur says no I will go, for me family is important not work and Bondita left Anirudh only for us and now it’s our responsibility to give her the love of family. Thakumaa agrees and says now we are her family. That’s all for today we will come back tomorrow with another update till then watch this episode of “Barrister Babu” on the colors channel at 8:30 PM and be connected with us for more such updates.

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