Barrister Babu Today Episode 8th July 2021 Written Update: Anirudh Cuts Ties With Bondita!

Today’s episode begins with Anirudh as he says that he doesn’t want to see Bondita’s face. He says that they won’t be together and breaks the mirror. Bondita says they will be together. He warns her asking her not to come close to him and if she won’t listen to him then he will shoot himself. Bondita asks why is he behaving like this and asks the reason. Anirudh tells her that because of her family he suffered a lot. He tells her that how her family betrayed them by mixing poison in their food. Bondita stands stunned hearing him.

Barrister Babu

He says that the Tulsipur people suffered a lot because of Kalindi and her evil plans. Here, Somnath tells Trilochan that Anirudh has gone to the old mansion. Trilochan thinks if he found the idol. Chandrachur also gets to know that Anirudh went to the old mansion. Anirudh tells her that they don’t have any relation and she was just a responsibility for him and he fulfilled her responsibility as well. She asks him then why he didn’t tell her about his enmity with Thakuma when she was studying in London. Why he spent so much money on her studies. He says that he just fulfilled his promise.

Anirudh adds, at that time, she completed her Barrister degree and became a Barrister, his responsibility ended there. He asks her not to try to meet him. He says to her that they won’t be together and nothing is going to happen between them. Bondita gets shattered when Anirudh says that her existence doesn’t matter to him. After that, Anirudh comes out of the mansion holding idol, and Chandrachur and Trilochan just reach there. Trilochan feels happy seeing him. Chandrachur searches for the thief. Meanwhile, Tapur takes shattered Bondita out of there.

On the other hand, Thakuma challenges Anirudh saying that the sword competition is going to win by the Krishna Nagar people and then they will also worship Durga Maa. Anirudh says to her that Daydreaming is not good for her because it’s not going to happen ever. Bondita feels devastated thinking about Anirudh’s words. Bondita tells everything to her friend. There, Chandrachur is enjoying seeing Bondita cry and says he will get her soon.

The next day, Bondita comes out of her room and looks ready for going to the court. In the court, everyone criticizes her for being a Barrister. She shuts everyone and says that she is going to make sure every girl get the opportunity to complete their study. Bihari meets Bondita and asks her to change Anirudh like before. Watch the upcoming episode of “Barrister Babu” on Colors at 08:30 PM.

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