Adin Ross Banned On Twitch: Why was The Reason Behind Adin Ross Banned On Twitch Again?

The American live video streaming app “twitch” is highly popular among the youngsters of America. The app consists of the premier of esports competitions. Other than this ist also included creative content such as acting, music, dance gaming live streaming and etc. As per the sources Twitch banned one of the famous users, Adin Ross. This is the fourth time he has been banned from Twitch. Whereas the streamer is claiming that this might be the permanent ban this time.

Adin Ross Banned On Twitch

Adin Ross Banned On Twitch

Adin uses to unveil his suspension on the Twitch video streaming app through his official Twitter account. He claims that it is regretting and my actions led to the ban of my account fourth time. He announced it on July 7.

He has mentioned an estimated reason behind his ban. He stated that,
“I noted that when I was live on the Red light and this might be against of the guidelines of the application.”

He further said that “Banned in twitch. I think this is cruel this must not happen just I was living at the Red light and read the chat off on my cell phone.”

After this, he has given one of the statements in which he is regretting his actions. And the tweet reads, “I’m feeling regret that I was wrong and must not do that. I’m feeling really bad and sorry for what I did.”

He made another tweet that reads, “there are many people who use to hate me, but I’m not a person which they are thinking of me. I know one day they will be going to like me. I’m sorry if my words hurt anyone.”

Fans reaction on his Twitch suspension:-

User Mizkif wrote, “I’m in your support, else Twitch is nothing without you and your content. I love to watch your videos on it.”

Another tweet reads, “the reason you have mentioned is waste as there was nothing to be banned in that.”

User Stable Ronaldo tweeted, “I’m hoping that this might not be a perm, my brother.”

This time his suspension is permanent or not, it’s difficult to confirm that as there is no update on this from a streamer.

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